Why Choose Us?

1. We use solid wood for all of our work. Our tables are heavy, coated for protection, and built strong to last.

2. Structural Guarantee: That's right, if anything goes wrong with your table as a result of structural error within three months, we will either fix it or build you an entirely new one.

3. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves: We have 5 star ratings on Facebook and our website. Check out what others are saying and see why so many people keep coming back.

5. We are a well established business who specializes in furniture: We have had so many customers come to us for a table after ordering a defective one elsewhere. There are so many self proclaimed "furniture makers" online that truly do not stand behind their work. They think that creating a long-lasting table is a matter of grabbing a drill and a saw and a few slabs of wood. That is truly not the case, and people are starting to catch on.

Our team has tons of experience and have created thousands of tables. We have it down to an art and know tips and tricks that take time to figure out.

6. Fast, friendly, and easy service: Customers come first. It's that simple. That's why we strive to create custom pieces in record time, deliver them for a very low fee, and provide friendly service throughout the entire process.

7. "KID PROOF" furniture! Our pieces are each coated with several layers of polyurethane to protect from spills, scratches, and kids! If you have kids and are looking for nice furniture you have to give us a shot.. Parents love going with us because we give them the beauty of handmade furniture without the risk of your kids beating it down!

8. Customer Service thats here for you: We will never leave you with an unanswered question. Always stay in the know and be able to get any question or concern answered ASAP!